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"My pictures are colourful, energetic and expressive. The world is colorful and my art and I are too. I am happy to take the viewer on a journey with my abstract paintings. A journey full of colors and positivity.

Let's create a colorful world together."

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Ive been immersing myself in the art of Torsten Meyer lately, and the word that keeps resonating with me as I observe his work is happiness. When I think of happiness, I think of finding joy in the small things in life, the gratitude that comes from appreciating the little wonders. It's the smile on a face, the kindness of a stranger, those moments that seem to be becoming rarer these days. Torsten's art captures this essence of happiness, and it's truly a delight to behold.


In a world where colors dance and play, I find joy in seeing people adorned in shades, each person a unique canvas, a masterpiece in their own right. Torsten's choice of colors is bold and vibrant, like a fiery sunset's glow, reflecting the passion and energy that flows through each individual. But there are also gentle pastels, like a soft morning mist, representing grace and tranquility, like a gentle lover's kiss. And then there are those in earth tones, grounded and serene, embodying strength and wisdom, like a forest evergreen.


I like to see people in colors, like a painter's palette, where each brushstroke reveals a story, a life that they inhabit. Colors have a way of bringing emotions to life, speaking without a word. They paint a vivid picture of the soul that lies unheard. Torsten's art captures this essence, and it's a testament to his talent and creativity.


Spending time observing Torsten Meyer's work and following his journey on Instagram, I've come to realize that his art embodies happiness that comes in shades and hues. His choice of colors evokes a vibrant feeling that never fails to brighten up the day. And it's not just in the colors themselves, but also in the way he interacts with others and in his videos. Torsten exudes positivity, it's contagious, and you feel that in his art..

His paintings are a mix of a variety of colors, and each one seems to hold a different view of happiness. Sometimes it's in the green, offering nature's room for serenity and peace. Sometimes it's in the yellow, bringing a cheerful smile to one's face. From the gentle hues of a sunrise's glow to the bold shades of a rainbow's show, Torsten captures happiness in every way. Colors intertwine on his canvas, creating a symphony of pure harmony. Each shade is a brushstroke, painting a scene where happiness thrives, forever serene.


Torsten's art is truly inspiring. It evokes positivity and encourages us to see the world with a new perspective. It reminds us to embrace the tapestry of life and humanity, which comes in different colors and shades. Through his art, Torsten invites us to find happiness in the beauty that surrounds us, and for that, we are grateful.


You can find out more about the artist by visiting him on Instagram


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