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Creativity is a driving force. There are lots of creative geniuses out there in the world today with amazing ideas and visions but of which very few know about. Even if the ideas are big enough to make a change in the world, will they ever get into the mainstream media or news outlets? I guess the answer is: yes, only if you have the contacts or are famous backed up with a story which would sell. What about the average person with big ideas? Will they ever get noticed? What about that one small story which could inspire a thousand souls and maybe change 100 lives? Does that even matter? 

I once met a wonderful human being who visited my art gallery. It was only during our small talk that I discovered he was an artist with a creative vision that could impact the local community in tremendous ways. His agony was that even the local media was not interested in his creative vision and he had been trying for many years to get exposure for his art work without success. That really got to me. Yet you see daily reports of celebrity events, etc. on the news media. Are those really more important than an artist with a vision? There is a saying that "every little helps". So why moan about the current state of the world when even the little that could help change things are not brought into focus or worse still, completely ignored? 


This magazine is my way of giving everyone a platform to share something unique and inspiring. Many thanks to Vanessa Wulff who recommended the first few creatives to the magazine and whose stories were published on the 13th of August 2019. Every brilliant idea, topic or experience can get featured here. All you have to do it contact us.


It is an online magazine with new articles published monthly – saves on print and saves the trees. You can support the magazine and its cause by being a sponsor or by selecting a membership package.


Worth mentioning are our subscribers whose interest and support keep the magazine alive. We look forward to welcoming more subscribers and to bringing you fresh and inspiring stories you love to read.

Best wishes,

Grace Denker

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