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„Sunday Morning“ by Olga Chirkova

Don't Say It With Flowers

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."


- Emma Goldman

“Song in my head” LELY Art


By Grace Denker

Maybe you’re one of those who consistently buy flowers for loved ones but loathe the fact that they are very short-lived presents. The memory of the beautiful gesture lasting just about as long as the bunch of flowers itself. In a day or so, the bunch of flowers which was once a beautiful gift and a lovely sight to behold, will start withering away. The present your loved ones once fawned over will soon become a droopy rotten mess to be thrown into the bin. Then the vase will be cleaned and the present will be forgotten. 


Flowers come with their own responsibilities and work – you have to do some pruning, find a vase, change the water, clean the vase, get the flowers some sunlight and if you’re unlucky, you might even get pricked by their thorns. The irony of it is that one has to work or even bleed for one's present. Now one would agree that a gift is not really a gift anymore, if you have to work for it. Or is it still?


Nothing against flowers. In fact, some women actually do prefer flowers to diamonds. As Emma Goldman puts it: "I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."

So if not flowers, then what? 

Well, let us introduce you to an alternative to flowers: Art by LELY!







LELY's art is inspired by life and the beauty of nature. She captures the emotional components of everyday objects and draws attention to the soul and core of her objects. Using a colorful palette, the artist mixes soft and bold colors to create beautiful imagery which can evoke a plethora of emotions in the observer. Her paintings come in small sizes. Very portable, look like flowers, feel like flowers, evoke the same kind of emotions…and are a better investment than flowers. And your loved ones don’t have to work for their present! 


Imagine re-visiting your loved ones and seeing the bunch of flowers you bought them still intact and not a single leaf or flower has withered. Well that’s the intention behind LELY’s art. She works with different forms and textures to preserve and give life to her objects. The paintings are also very affordable. So next time you want to say it with flowers, maybe first consider saying it with LELY’s art. Visit her website at: or Instagram @lely.artgallery.



"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."


- Emma Goldman


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