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A sacred place for men

By Grace Denker

Four men come together to realise a vision - to create a sacred place for men to rediscover themselves and reconnect with their surroundings. It is called The Wild Man Movement and it is a place free from fear or competition. Now, how is that even possible? We ask one of the founders, Michael Turner, questions during an interview to shed light on the idea behind the movement:


ACL: Where are the roots of the Wild Man Movement Dance?

MT: The WMM was created by Adam Rice, Klaus Ulbricht, Nico Roenpagel and myself Michael Turner. We are 4 different types of men that came together sharing the same purpose. We all work in different fields such as energywork, bodywork, breathwork, yoga, meditation, music and dance.


ACL: Why do you think it is special to create a place which is only for men?

MT: Our society provided an environment where men easily get disconnected from themselves and therefore get disconnected to their surroundings. I think it is necessary to have these sacred places to get back in touch with your natural  consciousness and in contact with other men without competition, fear and things of that nature.


ACL: Why do you work with music, dance as well as blindfolds to help the men get in contact with their own nature?

MT: Music is a wonderful tool to use to touch the mind, body and spirit and it opens certain doors quicker.

The blindfold allows you to be focused on the inside and also it gives you a space of security, not having to deal with judgement and shame. You’re asking about the dance but actually it is not a dance. This is a very important point here because dancing is also a certain concept, you follow certain patterns and you end up in your safe zone.

The WMM is a safe space for the entire tribe but not a safe zone for the ego. So we rather call it movement than dancing. But the most important point is a certain breathwork which allows yourself to get in a state of trance. 


ACL: Which kind of experience have you made with the Wild Man Movement so far?

MT: We have had wonderful experiences with the movements and the feedback within the tribe is very uplifting and epic. If you can integrate the experience from the WMM in your life then things will change for you. The relationship with yourself and with others will be fulfilled with more awareness and clarity.

ACL: What do you think about the influence, Wild Man Movement dance has on the men’s role on the present day society?

MT: Definitely a positive influence because the space that we hold for our brothers allows them to open up and break old patterns, dogmas and believes. It is a safe space to let go of the old and make room for the new.

To quote one of the men that participated a couple times: “This is life changing for me” 


If you would like to learn more or be a part of the tribe, then visit:


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