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Painter, Sculptor, Actor and Singer

Philip Görres

Photo: Valeria Di Guardo

Like most artists, Philip Görres' work is centered around the need for self- expression. In an interview for the URBAN DIMENSIONS group exhibitions, he made a statement which we found intriguing -  he is less interested in the final product or the  finished art work. He is more interested in the process that led to the creation itself. It is true that artists have their own unique approach art and that they differ. However, asking the question "why create this art work?" or "what part of my "self" am I putting into the work?" should also ring true for most artists and could be considered an integral part of the creative process. As Philip puts it:

"My artistic approach is to search for the very essence, the real "I" in what I do...

I seek freedom, without compromise, free from social influence, imprints, etc.

This utopia haunts me and I believe that the being (or soul) in us experiences beyond that feeling of liveliness."

Philip is not only a painter, he is also a sculptor an actor and a performing artist.

In his last appearance at the Grace Denker Show, he introduced one of his sculptures titled "Open Mind". It's an odd but remarkable half-headed figure. Watch the full episode here:


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