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Founder of ManoYo
ManoYo Hamburg


13. August 2019

Who needs painkillers when you can treat pain through touch? Learn more about how this works and how this Hamburg-based Osteopath's natural self-treatment is helping people deal with pain without fear or helplessness.


Getting rid of pain through touch

By Grace Denker

The Osteopath, Carmen Parduhn, is helping people suffering from pain learn a simple technique for self-help known as ManoYo. We ask her where her inspiration come from and why she decided to start up Manoyo. She replies:


“The need of more frequent treatment of my patients and because I love simplifying things… nobody can be cured in one treatment, some need multiple sessions over months, which is very costly (although I have cases were one treatment is sufficient). This is closely related to my idea of ManoYo.”


Pain often leaves one with a feeling of helplessness and frustration. Knowing that there is a chance of being able to relieve or even diminish pain without the need for expensive procedures or medication can be absolutely worth it. From her experience as an Osteopath, TCM therapist, and personal training instructor, Carmen has seen many people going through long term treatments to relieve their pain and most of them not being able to finish their treatments due to financial reasons. Carmen’s frustration in seeing people suffer and not knowing how to help themselves inspired her to set up ManoYo. The practice offers a wide range of low-cost workshops as well as weekly classes to help people manage their pain.


Insurance cost is one major reason why people shy away from well-needed treatment. Carmen explains this:

"The problem is that non private insurances pay only traditional “school” medicine treatments, which basically consists of expensive diagnostics (MRT, CT, X-Ray…) and treatment with painkiller in combination with physiotherapy. The outcome is not very successful as many of those patients eventually show up in my office where I successfully treated them. It frustrates me to see that many of my patients cannot finish their treatment due to limited financial resources.”  


ManoYo is based on the core the idea of simplifying seemingly complicated things - using something as simple as touch and lifestyle adjustments to treat pain. So does it mean that people can treat each other? We ask Carmen and she responds:


“Absolutely yes. Treating should be something natural, whether it heals or not is a different question and can never be promised (since such a statement could become a legal issue). With ManoYo they are guided through the single steps of treatment and learn the techniques.”


We were also curious as to whether her classes can help people become autonomous in helping themselves. Carmen’s answers: 

“Partially, but it is intended to have them attending the classes frequently and only use it at home as an add on.”


From what we gathered from the Osteopath, Manoyo can come in very handy for all pain sufferers. Gone are the days when commons pain such as back pain, joints pain and neck pain can leave one feeling fearful and helpless. Having the techniques to help oneself when faced with pain, is one step away from frustration. We have always known Yoga. Now we also know about ManoYo, thanks to Carmen Parduhn. Hopefully word will spread and people around the world will become more aware that staying pain-free can be something normal. 


Do you want to become more confident in coping with potential work-related to sport-related pain and strains? If you are interested in learning more about this treatment, don’t hesitate to contact the ManoYo Team.


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