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Vanessa Vilchis



"You feel the passion wash over you, reaching the very core of your being. At that moment, time freezes."

Vanessa Vilchis


Time, movement, the body, and aging are all entwined and interconnected. We perceive time because of movement. We perceive time because we think of the past and the future.


What if instead of perceiving and contemplating time, we decided to get lost in the moment and be taken on a journey inwards to a place which transcends time and space?


These are moments which everyone experiences from time to time. That moment when all your senses become so heightened and you feel grounded in what you’re doing at that moment. You feel the passion wash over you, reaching the very core of your being. At that moment, time freezes. 


It is what a ballerina feels when she goes up on stage and gets lost in the moment, spinning and turning so easily like the very air she breathes.  Time freezes whenever we get lost in the moment and when we’re not thinking of the past or worried about the future. 


Many people tend to forget those precious moments while some others thrive on them. We met one artist whose work peers into the relationship between time, movement and aging. Her name is Vanessa Vilchis - she’s an Aerial Silks Performer and a Painter. 


Aerial art helps her understand the scope of her body and the growth it undergoes. She has been taking lessons since she was a teenager.


“I started taking aerial classes at the age of 16 but it wasn't until I was 19 that it began to influence my career as an artist. At the “Hugo Argüelles Theater" I performed on two occasions, one in June 2016 and the other in October 2018. I participated in a play at the"Enrique Lizalde ́s Theater" in October 2017, both theaters located in Mexico City. I participated at the "Carnevale Italiano in Maschera" in Botticelli ́s Institute in March 2019. In December of the same year, I was invited to make a performance in the "Goethe Institute Christmas Festival" in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.”

– Vannessa Vilchis

"You feel the passion wash over you, reaching the very core of your being. At that moment, time freezes."

Painting on the other hand, reflects her passion and her drive to show the need for movement, time, the inevitable process of degeneration of the human body, and transformation.


When she’s performing, time freezes and at that moment in performance, the idea of yesterday, tomorrow, or time does not exist. In her paintings, she also tries to express this same concept of time and aging.

Success is built on timeless moments, and passion is driven by them too. The moment we start worrying about time, thinking of the past and worrying about what tomorrow will bring, we subject ourselves to the control of time. We end up living in a fast-paced and materialistic world where everyone is afraid of getting old, where everyone is chasing what everyone else has, and where nothing is ever enough. So maybe the key to success and happiness lies in recognising and preserving those timeless moments in our lives. Who knows?


You can find out more about the artist by visiting her on Instagram @vaviga.


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